Breakfast In Bed: Abe & Isaac Lopez-Bowen

Conversations on partnership, love, and power.

I sat down with Abe and Isaac and we had an intimate conversation surrounding the topic of communication, vulnerability, love, and pain. Meeting them for the first time, there was this special aura around them. The way they embrace you is like running into an old friend. It’s pleasant and pure. They have such different personalities but their intent is true and ability to be present is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Our conversation started with The 5 Love Languages, coined by Gary Chapman. I wanted to know what they felt like theirs were. Abe shared first: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Physical Touch, but only with Isaac. He explained that growing up, he was very touchy with his closest girlfriends, always wanting to play in their hair and hug them, but something changed when he met Isaac. For Isaac: Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation. He explained that he loves to give all five (Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Receiving Gifts) but only the ones his partner receives best. Abe mentioned he enjoys giving Words of Affirmation. He then expressed the importance of showing up for your partner. “When your partner wins, you win.” I asked Isaac and Abe how they both showed up for themselves individually. Isaac shared that he has three reminders on his phone to help him: First, focus. Second, remember that we are one team creating our experience together, and we can always choose the thing we need. Lastly, have fun and level up, How will you spend the rest of your twenties? Abe said his methods are more of an internal conversation with himself. He admits that growing up he always remained true to his wants and desires, but he looked to others for approval and wanted what others had for himself. Meeting Isaac had made him more self-aware about his wants and desires and care less about others’ “checklists” for him. “What’s making me joyful? What’s making me feel powerful?” are a few questions that Abe asks himself to make sure he is constantly aware and on the same page for his wants and desires.

Watching Abe and Isaac interact and share intimate details about themselves was a beautiful, immersive experience. It felt as though they were learning new things about the other throughout the process. One would respond and the other would glance at the other and absorb the information intently.