At Home: Evan Sheehan

Intimate Conversations with Creatives At Home

Anyone who has a pulse in the Chicago creative scene has likely seen Evan Sheehan’s work. 

It’s all over social media and even on a few public buildings and billboards. We’ve known each other distantly for about a year. I knew he was a photographer, but we never talked much about our work together. Typically, we would always run into each other at social functions when our goals were to dance the night away and enjoy good company. It wasn’t until recently when I realized that we’ve even been following each other on social media. I was scrolling through Instagram stories, and I caught a glimpse of Evan eating his breakfast in bed when I connected the dots. The Evan whose work I’ve admired from afar was the same Evan I’ve met in person several times before. 

Evan’s work is fun, colorful and off-kilter. I’d describe it as a well-curated Willy Wonka Factory. It’s mesmerizing. It’s unpredictable. But most of all, it’s pure. Hearing Evan talk about his work is truly a joy to witness. His face lights up with shy excitement. A few things to know about Evan: One, he’s from Northern Ohio; Two, he moved to Chicago for college; Three, he dropped out after three semesters; Four, he loves a groutfit. 

When we reached out to Evan about a feature, he was more than down. I’ve only seen a glimpse of his home from social shares of intimate dinner parties or food porn provided by his boyfriend, Alex Wallbaum. I was a little skeptical because I’ve actually never seen his home. I wanted to ask for photos to scope it out first, but I figured that’d be slightly rude and intrusive. I decided to trust his eye for design and have faith that his place would be well curated, open, and well lit. Not knowing what to expect, it all made sense when I arrived. The perfectly exposed brick combined with the modern decor and the illuminating kitchen satisfied all of my interior desires.

Evan shares his one-bedroom apartment with Alex. Their apartment is located in a quaint spot tucked away in the middle of Chicago’s historic neighborhood, Pilsen. Pilsen was recently named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world by Forbes Magazine. I often see Instagram vignettes of daily culinary masterpieces prepared by Alex, or intimate gatherings with their closest friends and loved ones. Their social media moments will instill a slight degree of fomo into anyone who’s never been over. The exposed brick, the warm smiles, and the wine. A home gathering is not really a gathering in my book without a bottle or three of wine. 

I am really interested in couples who live together. Since living on my own for two years, the idea of having another roommate is not the most appealing. I expressed my concerns with Evan and he informed me of the difference. He talked about the beauty in blending his and Alex’s belongings to curate a collective personality but a cohesive look. He also expressed a few other perks: sharing everything, hosting intimate gatherings, using the restroom together, and his favorite place in their home, the bed. He admitted he spends a lot of his time in bed playing Mario Kart.