Ignacio Ceja


Ignacio Ceja, who is more commonly known as DJ Iggy, makes people dance. And if you don’t believe us- come to one of his shows. Iggy is able to make people dance because of his deeply-rooted love for music and his ability to connect and understand people. He doesn’t just “play music” or “spin records”, he is curating an experience. He creates an open dialogue with his crowd by spinning records. 

Iggy has been spinning professionally for nine years now. I made his acquaintance this past spring at a fundraising event that I hosted with King Marie, a dear friend of Iggy and ½ of the DJ group: boigrl. While I sifted through the event, I noticed him off to the side, not doing much besides being present and existing in the space. Our interaction was brief, a simple but pleasant head nod. His presence exuded a mixture of calmness and intentionality. Later that evening, King Marie formally introduced us as the event came to a close. He was soft-spoken, engaging, and possessed a calmness that made me focus on his every word. 

Every time I meet someone new, I look them up via social media. I’m always curious to see how people to represent themselves online. You’ll find that some people use social media to carefully craft a “perfect” versions of themselves, and others use it as an outlet for unfiltered expression. I did just that for Iggy and discovered he was also a DJ and the other half of boigrl. It was all making sense to me. His presence at the event, his support for King Marie, and calmness. So, his ease and comfort that night were justified; he was surrounded by friends. Scrolling through his Instagram and Twitter, I got a glimpse into his world. His witty, sometimes quirky tweets, and his visual montage of doing what he loves via Instagram. His Instagram offers a behind the scenes look into his work. His Twitter is raw, honest, and unrestricted. I began to understand not just more about his day-to-day, but about his character, too, through Twitter and Instagram.  

Iggy’s social media bio is “i make ppl dance. :)”. While that is true, he does so much more. He is guiding us on a journey but he’s listening to us at the same time. He’s hyper-aware of the crowd but with ease. Witnessing that for the first time was magical. I typically have a difficult time connecting with DJs, which is why I tend to stay home and curate my own playlist. With Iggy, I felt present in the dialogue but I wasn’t alone. Everyone around me was present not just physically, but spiritually. When chatting with Iggy, I asked, “What do you do and why?” He then informed me that he’s been a DJ for nine years. When it came to the “Why?” he responded effortlessly, “I love it. I have a passion for it. I love to see people smile, dance, and have a great time.” He continued on to express that when he’s on stage, he’s in a zone that he can’t describe. In those very moments, I immediately went back to the first time I witnessed his gift. He later went on to explain how he loves witnessing the enjoyment of the crowd and watching them transform into someone else. I’ve known the power of music from being in choirs all my life but hearing him reminisce made me fall in love with music all over again. I love the power that music takes over a person but more importantly the passion that I once had for it resurfaced while talking with Iggy. There was nothing but pure bliss on his face throughout our entire time together. 

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“anyone could DJ,
but not everyone
could read a room.”


Styled by, Kyle Kniffin in Lee Denim, Alex Mullins and PerryCo Shoes.