Sheila Rashid

Precise, confident, focused, and seamless.

Precise, confident, focused, and seamless. When thinking of Sheila Rashid, these four things always come to mind. Sheila is a bespoke designer with a love for denim. I often joke and call her the Denim Surgeon. Her seamless designs and impeccable attention to details are unmatched. My first introduction to her was a few years ago when she released her Botanical Blu Overalls back in 2017. Immediately, I was intrigued by the quality of the denim and Sheila herself. She’s easily one of Chicago’s favorite designers but also one of Chicago’s most introverted designers. Her garments have been worn by the likes of Lena Waithe, Bella Hadid and, Chicago’s favorite, Chance The Rapper. Even with this notoriety, she remains very humble and to herself. 

 A lot of the Chicago fashion scene is filled with big personality designers. But, Sheila’s the opposite. She’s calm, relaxed, and very subtle in the way she navigates the Chicago fashion scene. When chatting with her I asked her about her personality and if she’s ever felt pressured to perform. Her response was, “I never felt pressured because I’m just a lowkey person. I like my work to speak for itself. I’m a quiet person and I’m not really pressed to be seen.”

We started talking about inspiration, and I felt a lot of similarities between the two of us. She said that she doesn’t have one source for her inspiration; she gets it from any and all things. When she was expressing that process, I found a bit of myself in her words. Eager to know more about her and her process, I directly asked her, “Why fashion?” and she laughed and said, “It’s my way of expressing me. It’s how I express my feeling, my art, my creativity. I work with my hands and it just so happens to be my outlet.” She further explained that she can’t sleep past 7:30 a.m., and every morning she’s ready to sew. When she said that, I felt nothing but joy and sincerity. Her commitment to her craft is nothing short of pure, and her personality only adds to her greatness. 

Her work is phenomenal and that’s not up for debate. She’s precise, conscious, and works with her clients from start to finish. The bespoke designer carries herself in the most pleasant ways. She is Sheila Rashid.