04|09: A Culinary Experience



A public interaction with elevated cuisine within a speakeasy den in the West Loop. 

Aptly tucked behind a barbershop by day, Blind Barber is the venue partner for the storied culinary curiousity of Chef Alex Von Holdt. Engagement 001 sets the stage for multitudes of collaboration across the spectrum of culinary possibility. 

Get to know us; April 09 | 5pm. 

Welcome by Aberfeldy

Wine by No Fine Print

Cocktails by Campari

Vinyl Sounds by Zazaza Disco. 

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Justin Arnett of B|E|CO  which is described as, “A creative co-op that specializes in blending the art and media industries with the hospitality platform. We work with artists, brands, and chefs to diversify and extend their messaging. Through our portfolio, we have crafted brand launches, diversified the culinary experience, and integrated collaborative brand possibility.” Introduces, garn:t and their culinary residency at Blind Barber on 04|09|19.

About garn:t

garn:t is the exploration of possibility of brand impact through the culinary lens. Naturally, we have evolved from the original ethos of brand possibility to culinary access. This alignment alongside Blind Barber allows us to bridge culinary curiosity with approachability. Alex Von Holdt is a sincere talent that embodies the spectrum of curiosity that garn:t provides through brand elevation and public interactions.